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John 7:14

John 7:14 *Astute viewers will notice that the breathing mark on Grk. ἑορτή is written backwards (and the word is pronounced incorrectly as a result); it should be a rough breathing. Apologies! YouTube Video:  ...

Greek Refresher Course, July 24-28

Dr. Plummer stands in an empty classroom with a seat waiting for YOU! Join Dr. Plummer and. Dr. Howell (host of Daily Dose of Hebrew) for the biannual ‘Greek Review Course’ and ‘Hebrew Review Course.’ Only $75 for an in-person 5-day class! Sign up for the Review Class...

John 7:4

John 7:4 *Note the first syllable of deō is erroneously marked long in the video; only the second ought to be. YouTube Video:

John 7:2

John 7:2 In this video, I talk about proximus (superlative) and propior (comparative), both connected to prope, the adverbial form of the positive degree of an adjective which itself is not attested in Latin. Prope, however, is common at all periods of Latin. Lewis...


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